The Nantes Museum of Fine Arts
The Nantes Museum of Fine Arts is one of the city's cultural beacons and one of the region's largest art museums. Home to a magnificent, centuries-old artistic heritage, it also has a remarkable contemporary collection.
A vigorous temporary exhibitions programme underpins its local, national and international reputation, and it works with such prestigious partners as the Musée d’Orsay, the Musée du Louvre and the Prado. The Nantes Museum of Fine Arts really has made a place for itself on the circuit of the museums that count.

Likewise the corporate world counts for the museum: in terms of conquering new audiences, but also in terms of support. A number of companies already provide regular or ad hoc assistance, while others have opted for sponsoring its cultural programming or its outreach towards specific audiences like community associations, children and the disabled.


Becoming a sponsor for the Nantes Museum of Fine Arts  
The forms of sponsorship proposed by the museum give companies the chance to associate their image with that of one of France's largest art museums, to boost their visibility, to organise PR events in the prestigious setting of the museum, and to enjoy a special relationship with the world of art. In addition the tax incentive legislation of 2003 provides corporate sponsors with numerous fiscal advantages.

The extension and renovation project that is going to transform the establishment into the Nantes Museum of Art means fresh sponsorship possibilities for companies keen to be a part of this new step forward in the life of the museum.

For further information, or to join forces with us, please contact

Véronique Triger
00 33(0)2 51 17 45 40