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Self-led visit overseen by the teacher
For an initial exploration or a follow-up visit, it's a good idea to meet first with a mediator, who will help you optimise your planning.
Teachers are admitted free to the museum.
Group meetings with mediators are scheduled on Wednesdays at 10 am, 2 pm and 4 pm; and on Thursdays at 6 pm.
For an appointment, tel. 02 51 17 45 74.

Three suggestions for creating an itinerary that suits all levels:

Selected Works

All levels
The class is divided into a minimum of two groups – either self-led or, for primary schools, accompanied by parents – for a visit covering two to four works. Help is provided in the form of information sheets from Visitor Services, which you can adapt to pupils' levels. We suggest you choose 3 or 4 works, as this will simplify circulation by the groups.

The Expert Trail
All levels
This approach is in two steps:
• Step 1: in class or at the museum itself, have small groups of students study a work in depth. If you do this in the museum, divide the class into small groups and let them work while looking at the painting.
• Step 2: reorganise the groups completely so that each one contains one or two experts on each work: the experts then one by one present their chosen work to the rest of the team. After the experts' commentaries, the listeners should be able to have their say.

Exploring the museum
All levels
The whole class tours the various exhibition rooms, with stops at works not already reserved for other visits. The aim here is to discover the museum as a whole, its exhibition approach or its architecture.
Note that certain spaces do not readily lend themselves to the presence of large groups. The number of groups is limited.

Self-led visit overseen by the teacher Self-led visit overseen by the teacher