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Teachers wishing to be put on the mailing list for information about the museum's educational and other activities can make a request at reception or at Visitor Services, 14 Rue Georges Clemenceau.
Teachers wishing to be kept up to date on current events at the museum should write to Visitor Services , giving professional details.

Calendar of encounters, talks and information meetings for teachers.
Advance booking essential. Tel. 02 51 17 45 74.
Subject to seating availability.
Meeting point: the museum lobby.

Preparations for school visits
Help with preparing school visits is free. Advance booking required. Tel. 02 51 17 45 74.
Weekly on Wednesdays at 2 pm.
Monthly on Thursday at 6 pm (mais quel jeudi ?)
Working with a mediator and the teaching aids provided, the teacher organises a session either in the permanent collection or a temporary exhibition. Duration: 90 minutes.

The Visitor Services Department also meets requests on behalf of groups of teachers with the same project for a visit by pupils: when a session at the museum is called for by an educational adviser, an inspector or a teacher-trainer.

Specific project
Individual appointments can be arranged for teachers from schools in priority areas or establishments for pupils with special educational needs; or for teachers making contact for the first time.


Aimed at teacher-training institutions, these courses offer exploration of the role of museums, an introduction to the Nantes Museum's activities and educational tools, information on museum visit methodology, an encounter with museum staff, in-depth or thematic approaches to the collection, training in the interpretation of works of art, and theoretical input regarding the main concepts of art history: movements, genres, etc.

Presentation of museum events
Each museum event – temporary exhibition, new acquisition, new hanging – is covered by a presentation, in which a mediator explains how visits can be organised for school groups.

Three teachers – of literature, visual arts and history/geography – and two educational advisors are in charge of:
• Contributing to initial and continuing training for teachers in various establishments.
• Producing teaching tools, e.g., From Realism to Surrealism, From the 13th to the 16th Century, Images from the Bible, Images from Mythology, François Morellet and "My Museum", Taking My Class to the Museum.
• Welcoming fellow teachers who would like to design an assignment relating to the museum's programmes and integrate their visit into a single-subject or interdisciplinary project.

Visual Arts

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