Gaëtan Rondeau, secretary-general at Nantes City Hall and later mayor of Nantes, was the founder of this community association, together with Goncourt Prize-winning novelist Marc Elder, who was its president until his death in 1933.

Under its following presidents, the Société des amis du musée des Beaux-Arts (SAMBA) pursued its activities in four main fields:
• additions to the collection, notably through the acquisition of contemporary works
• promotion of the museum
• public awareness
• cultural and social activities for members

Aims and achievements
The Friends of the Museum exists to increase the holdings of the Nantes Museum of Fine Arts through input in the contemporary art field and to back its cultural activities. With these goals in mind it foster encounters and collaboration between the museum, young artists, collectors, galleries, the National School of Art in Nantes and various institutions.

Consult the Internet site of the  Société des amis du musée des Beaux-Arts .