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Special visits

Advance booking essential
Tel. 02 51 14 45 74
Phone assistance
Monday and Tuesday, 2 – 5 pm
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 10 am – 12 noon, 2 – 5 pm

Sign language

Visits in French sign language can be booked: tours of the masterpieces and some of the temporary exhibitions.

The museum at your fingertips
This activity enables a tactile approach to the sculptures in the museum, with a guidance kit to help visitors engage with the different materials they encounter.

The Modulos trail: for all types of handicap

A specially designed approach under the guidance of a mediator. Organised by Visitor Services in collaboration with escorts, teachers and educators, these activities can be adapted to the age and number of the visitors, the length of the visit and the type of handicap.

For an initial visit you may decide to:
- explore the museum: get acquainted with the place, discover its architecture, learn about its role and its tasks, get an insight into its organisation and the way its space is laid out
- get to know certain masterpieces by choosing from among the collection's high points
- visit a temporary exhibition and take advantage of the works that are passing through. The presentation of some exhibitions may simplify or complicate your visit.

If you're planning on a number of visits, both the permanent collection and temporary exhibitions can be explored in stages: masterpieces, for example, or various themes – the portrait, the landscape, painting and sculpting techniques, etc.
Regular visits to the museum can heighten your awareness of the place itself and bring familiarity with the staff, the works and the ambience of the exhibition rooms.