For publics

Age 7/12

Face to face
This activity introduces a work from the collection: look at it, learn its history and find out what it has to say.
- Madame de Senonnes
- Picasso
75 minutes

Whimsical and fantastic animals
The Beaux-Arts and Dobrée museum collections are seething with dragons, unicorns, centaurs, jellyfish, strange monkeys, beetles, ostriches and cats. The children set out in search of them, uncovering their amazing stories in the two museums, then create an imaginary animal in the workshop.
1 hour
Advance booking necessary for all sessions

Frottage workshop

No better way of discovering the inventive genius of Max Ernst than taking a close look at The Forest and Natural History then trying out frottage for yourself.
1 hour

Behind the mask
The kids check out the collection's top personalities! Their portraits – psychological, ceremonial or realistic – reveal all sorts of things about them and their times. And there's a workshop for each child to make a mask and slip into the identity of one of them.
75 minutes

May the best man win!

All sorts of games – mysteries, memory tests, spot the difference – help the children explore the collection. The challenges they meet and overcome along the way help them find their bearings inside the museum.
75 minutes

Angels and devils
A team of angels, a team of devils and a game of snakes and ladders with the museum as the board. From question to question and challenge to challenge, the children explore the collection, winning points along the way. Which team will come out on top?
75 minutes

Behind the mask Behind the mask