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Age 4/6

Individually, with their families, in groups or with the local recreation centre, members of the 4/6 age group can book the subject of their choice for "Surprise Saturdays" and "Holiday Time at the Museum"

Face to face
This activity introduces a work from the collection: look at it, learn its history and find out what it has to say.
- The Ostrich
- Madame de Senonnes
- The Gorilla
- Picasso
1 hour

Strange animals!
The museum's paintings and sculptures feature all sorts of wild, domestic and fantastic animals. The children can set out in search of them in the exhibition rooms and then dream up a weird animal they then create in the workshop.
1 hour

Shapes of things
The abstract works are full of geometrical shapes you can arrange ad infinitum. Children can discover these works and make their own at the same time.
1 hour

Ghosts, centaurs and dragons!
Ghost, centaurs and dragons sneak out of the pictures at night and wreak havoc in the museum. The children are given an important task: track the monsters down and draw a trap to capture them.
1 hour

Behind the mask
The kids check out the collection's top personalities! Their portraits – psychological, ceremonial or realistic – reveal all sorts of things about them and their times. And there's a workshop for each child to make a mask and slip into the identity of one of them.
1 hour

Behind the mask Behind the mask