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The museum à la carte
Primary school
Lower primary
45 – 60 minutes

Under the guidance of 2 mediators, these trips through the collection focus on a specific visual concept: colour, technique (brushstroke, areas of colour, outlining), sculpture materials, the picture and its components, abstraction and figuration.
At the end pupils are given three cards to fill out in class or at home, as the teacher wishes.

Kinds of painting
Primary school
Upper primary
1 hour

This activity is run alternately by a mediator from the museum and the teacher. Each session introduces pupils to a specific genre: portrait, landscape or still life.

The museum lends a hand
Primary school
Upper primary
1 hour

In the course of a guided tour 2 mediators focus on the language of hands in painting. A booklet and other teaching aids round off the work of observation with practical activities both in the museum and later on in class.

15 minutes
Primary and secondary levels
1 hour

A combined approach: a self-led tour followed by discussion led by a mediator. Divided up into small groups, participants study a number of works on their own, with the help of information cards. Each group then spends a quarter-hour with a mediator looking in greater detail into a work or the history, functioning or architecture of the museum. The goal of this activity is closer understanding of a specific work or more comprehensive acquaintance with the museum.

Visitor time
Secondary school/university
1 hour

In 2 stages, with half-classes alternating: a self-led 30-minute tour taking in a choice of works, followed by 30 minutes with a mediator, discussing the history, architecture or functioning of the museum.

Have your say!
Secondary school/university
2 hours

In 2 parts: small groups spend an hour looking at works with the aid of information sheets; then an hour with a mediator, as each group introduces the class as a whole to one of the works just studied.

Question time
Secondary school/university
90 minutes

In 2 stages, with half-classes alternating: a self-led tour followed by time with a mediator.
45 minutes for a self-led tour, for half a class divided into three groups, preceded or followed by 45 minutes of questions and discussion with a mediator.
This activity is restricted solely to contemporary art.

University special
University level
A session run by a mediator on a subject suggested by the teacher.

Visitor & Co
Session rune by secondary or university students
A student or group of students draws up a tour of the museum with an assistant curator or a mediator, then acts as guide for their fellow-students.

The Modulos trail
All levels/Disabled and learning-difficulty students, etc.
Guided by a mediator, these activities are tailored by teachers, educators and the Visitor Services Department. For further information, contact Visitor Services

Special activities Special activities