For publics

Across the board appeal is the keynote at the museum, which was established to preserve a heritage and make it available to as wide a public as possible.

Detailed documentation, including a map of the exhibition rooms and explanatory labels, is one of the means of ensuring ready access to the works for all. And for the temporary exhibitions, a booklet for adults and a fun book for children contribute to a better understanding of the works while providing regular updates on the latest in the art history field.

For each type of audience there are special programmes oriented towards optimal use of the city's art heritage. Students' nights, "Local Time", a festival for the disabled and heritage days all help to boost the museum's outreach.

With a constant eye on the needs of the young – age 4 and up – the museum organises workshops based on direct contact with the works and backed up by practical and playful activities. The museum is also part of the "Sharing Art" operation launched by the Nantes municipality in 2010, the aim being increased public access to culture and the making of art.

The museum works closely with local schools and community groups.
In addition, guided tours in sign language, English or Spanish – devoted to a specific subject, if needs be – can be organised.

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