The museum has several exhibition spaces
- the central patio of 1200 square metres (13,000 sq ft) is home to three exhibitions annually
- the chapelle de l'Oratoire, a splendid Baroque space of 450 square metres (5000 sq ft), hosts three exhibitions per year
- the blanche Room, of 70 square metres (750 sq ft), hosts six presentations by contemporary artists each year.

- En 2017, the museum will reopen  with a new building The Cube. The Cube  will offer 2000 square metres for the contemporary collection

The Nantes Museum of Fine Arts pursues a bold, ambitious policy of temporary exhibitions, each of which is accompanied by a publication containing photos of the works and specially-written texts. With a view to highlighting all the periods represented in the collection, this carefully balanced programme covers the gamut from pre-modern to contemporary art.
Sometimes tying in with the permanent collection, the temporary exhibitions provide a fresh look at a given period or artist. Devoted to specific themes, artists or movements, they often feature loans from other museums in France or abroad, and from private collectors.
In addition, special "spotlight" exhibitions are organised within the permanent collection.
The museum also has spaces that lend themselves to the creation of site-specific installations: the Patio, for example, has seen truly remarkable works by Anish Kapoor, François Morellet and Ernesto Neto.

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