All year round the museum offers activities for all kinds of audiences, on every day of the week and at appropriate times of the day: afternoon or evening, for example. These activities tie in with the permanent collection and the temporary exhibitions.

The visitor services department exists to facilitate different ways of encountering works of art. The activities highlight the permanent collection and enliven the temporary exhibitions, while meeting the needs of children, adults, families, historians, art lovers, students at all levels, and the simply curious. Among the many possibilities are guided tours, late-night opening for exhibitions, "Saturday specials", dramatic readings and concerts.

Guided tours enable a useful initial contact with the collection and its different genres and periods. Devoted to close analysis of a particular oeuvre, they situate a given artist within a movement and within the collection. In the case of the temporary exhibitions they are an introduction into the world of the artist.

On Thursdays admission is free and the museum is open until 8 pm. Under the umbrella title Nocturnes, personal and guided tours are available, together with music and dance performances, talks and discussions.

The first Sunday of the month (admission free) provides inventive family programmes in a festive, playful vein.

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